Taking 1 Item, and Creating 5 Different Outfits

Let’s be honest, we aren’t all on an unlimited budget and I’m sure we don’t all have endless walk in closets full of clothes waiting for their turn to shine (even though we all secretly wish that was the case). We will eventually run out of outfit options, and will begin to search for different ways to wear previous choices without outfit repeating within the same week (because that’s totally not acceptable, right?). This post is about taking 1 clothing item, in this case a Rolling Stones t-shirt, and creating 5 different outfits. Finding as many outfits as you can with one consistent item will help you avoid the comfort of throwing on the same outfit all the time as you run out the door.

For those Monday mornings when you’re wondering if it’s really worth it to skip class or not, throwing on leggings and a cardigan over a t-shirt will allow you to stay comfortable, but still look cute throughout the day.


Keeping it casual with leggings, boots and a jean jacket is a classic fall/winter trend that is always in style.


For those who want a little bit of a grunge feel to your outfits, throwing on a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a plaid shirt around your waist is an eye-catching and easy look.


Dressing up a t-shirt is sometimes difficult to do, but can be adorable for a night out. I paired my Rolling Stones t-shirt with a skirt, jean jacket, and heels.


And finally, boyfriend jeans, boots, and a t-shirt is a perfect, easy look for those long days of classes to stay cute and comfortable.



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